Reclamation District No. 1614 – Smith Tract, hereinafter referred to as RD 1614, is located in San Joaquin County, California, at the eastern edge of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. RD 1614 contains approximately 1,598 acres and is bounded by Smith Canal on the south, Riviera Cliffs Subdivision on the West, Calaveras River on the North and Pershing Ave on the East. Currently, most of the land within the District is devoted to residential & commercial uses.

There are approximately 4,813 parcels occupying 1,219.49 assessable acres of land in RD 1614. The parcels include 79 vacant parcels occupying 32.64 acres, 1 agricultural parcel occupying .16 acres, 4,640 resident parcels occupying 944.31 acres, 1 golf course parcel occupying 129.70 acres, and 92 commercial or other parcels occupying 112.68 acres.

Flood protection for Smith Tract is provided by RD 1614, an entity organized in 1914 under the California Water Code to maintain levees and provide drainage services to the landowners within the boundaries of the District.

Board of Trustees

  • President – Kevin Kauffman
  • Trustee – Ben Koch
  • Trustee – Christian Gaines

Government Compensation in California/Special Districts